Endometrial Ablation

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Heavy menstrual bleeding can drastically reduce your quality of life, but you don’t have to live with it. Woo Hyun Sohn, MD, performs endometrial ablation and other minimally invasive procedures at Stellar Women's Care in Houston, Texas, to relieve unpleasant symptoms and reduce or eliminate heavy menstrual bleeding. Schedule an appointment over the phone or request one online with Stellar Women's Care to learn more about endometrial ablation.

Endometrial Ablation Q&A

What is endometrial ablation?

Heavy menstrual bleeding affects more than 10 million women in the United States each year. Endometrial ablation is a hormone-free, one-time treatment that removes the lining of your uterus to control or eliminate heavy periods. Dr. Sohn uses special technology to apply heat to your uterine lining to eliminate it.

What are the benefits of endometrial ablation?

When choosing endometrial ablation to control heavy periods, you can experience the following benefits:

  • No intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • No birth control
  • Dramatic decreases in uterine bleeding
  • Improvements in premenstrual symptoms
  • Minimal downtime
  • Fewer blood clots
  • A 93% success rate
  • Average procedure time of 3-4 minutes

Endometrial ablation is a fast, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can drastically improve your quality of life.

What happens during treatment?

Before endometrial ablation, Dr. Sohn reviews your medical history and completes a pelvic exam to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. He might also use blood or imaging tests to diagnose or rule out specific causes of heavy menstrual bleeding.

During treatment, Dr. Sohn widens your cervix using medications or special tools and inserts tiny instruments through your cervix. The ablation system performs a series of tests and delivers 120 seconds of plasma energy into your uterine lining to destroy and eliminate it.

What should I expect after the procedure?

After endometrial ablation, you might experience vaginal discharge for a few weeks, cramping for a few days, and frequent urination for a day or two. Downtime is minimal. You might notice optimal results, including lighter periods or no periods at all, a few months after the procedure.

Am I a good candidate for endometrial ablation?

If you have heavy menstrual bleeding that reduces your quality of life or puts you at risk of iron-deficiency anemia, and you don’t want to have children in the future, you might be a good candidate for endometrial ablation.

The procedure isn’t designed for sterilization, so you should still use a form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. If you do become pregnant after endometrial ablation, chances are high it will end in miscarriage.

Don’t let heavy menstrual bleeding ruin your quality of life when endometrial ablation is fast and painless, with little to no downtime. Schedule an appointment with Stellar Women's Care over the phone or request one online to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.